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💁 ¿Why is it better to use my e-mail? I promise not to bother you with adverts or scam, I would use your emal just to contact you if I see errors in some activities or some parts of the test so that I can solve them and you can complete the full test without any problems. On the other hand, you will have all your session codes in your email and all the test will show your name and last name just like in the real test.

ATTENTION: if you are a TRIADS METHOD© student, ask your coach or teacher for the session code, or login to access your Students Area before filling up the following form.

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Right after finishing each part you will be able to purchase or access to your CEFR LEVEL & CORRECTIONS. Also, if you are interested on taking more tests, I can offer you special packages of codes for students, schools and academies.

🚨 If you haven´t received an email with the Session Code and the Link, it can be in the spam/junk folder of the email address you indicated in the form.
🚨 TRIADS METHOD© stundents will receive the Session Code in the email indicated to the coach or teacher when the student attended the TRIADS METHOD© First Class.
🚨 If you have already requested a Session Code and you haven´t finished all the 5 parts of the test, you won´t be able to request a new Session code for FREE.
🚨 Max. 2 FREE exams per week. If you want to take more exams, you can purchase a SPECIAL PACKAGE from the contact form or the social media.

If you have any questions about the Simulator or you don´t know what the Session Code is for, I recommend you the read this article Aptis Demo Tests Online

Also, you can find a lot of videos about the access, tips and some examples of the Aptis Simulator Demo Test in my YouTube channel: YouTube/c/TriadsMethod

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