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Aptis Demo Tests Online - 2020 Version

Artículo en Español aquí 👈

Now you can prepare for the real Aptis Test with this Aptis Simulator just like the real thing! you won't see any difference when you take the real one. There are more than 1,000 questions and activities previously used in other exams, and constantly growing, that's why, you'll find more and more new activities every time... 💪

How can I take the test?
In order to access to the Demo Test you need a session code, very similar to the code you will get in the real test. If you are a TRIADS© student you can get it from your English Coach or Teacher, or from your Dashboard when you login as an student. If you are not a TRIADS© student you can also get it for free filling up the form you'll find on this link:

👉 APTIS Simulator Access 👈

Here is a very short video explaining the 4 steps to access to the Aptis Demo Test. 👇👇👇

How much is it?
Taking the tests is absolutely FREE whether you are a TRIADS© Student or not. Also, you can find out what's your CEFR LEVEL (A1 A2 B1 B2 o C) of all the parts using automatic algorithms such as: Reading, Listening and Grammar and Vocabulary, for less than than two Euros. Or even access to corrections of all parts including the Writing and Speaking parts where you can also read the Examiner notes. And there are also PACKAGES to help you save some money!!! So, contact me if you want one of them or more info.

Can I use my smartphone?
Yes! but... some devices don't work well with the new API WebRTC. What's more, for a more realistic experience, you should use a desktop computer or laptop.
Some of the most recommended browsers are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. It also works fine with Safari +9.0. versions.

How long does it take to take the tests?
You don't have to do all on the same day, you can actually take one part one day and another different part another week. In addition, the main purpose of this tool is to help you understand and learn the different parts and activities of the test, because of that, the timer is just a reference, and you can keep working on your test even if the time is over. You suppose to take each part in:
• Grammar & Vocabulary: 25 min.
• Speaking: 12 min aprox.
• Writing: 50 min.
• Listening: 40 min.
• Reading: 35 min.

More help and advice
I will upload several videos in English and Spanish on my YouTube channel

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